Mission Statement:

The Treatment Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous in District 10 is directly responsible to those they serve: Alcoholics in treatment facilities. Its purpose is to facilitate the carrying of the A.A. message of recovery to alcoholics where they are: in hospitals and institutions. Our aim is to provide information about A.A. as well as conference and District 10 approved literature and furnish guidelines for facilitating A.A. panel meetings and Man on the Bed 12 Step call encounters in treatment facilities. Our goal is to have an A.A. meeting in each institution that treats alcoholics: de-tox and behavioral units, treatment centers, homeless shelters, nursing and rehab centers. We maintain a temporary contact system to Bridge the Gap between leaving such facilities and successful transition to outside A.A. meetings.

The Treatment web pages: 

Highlight the various volunteer services the A.A. fellowship provides to Treatment Facilities in District 10, Miami-Dade County. It enables our qualified fellowship members to directly sign up to participate in these vital services of current need. The facility professional is encouraged to contact us for further information and request to meet with the District 10 Treatment Committee.”